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Policies, Requirements, & Disclaimers

This listing was last revised/updated on Oct 2022. PLEASE NOTE A MORE CURRENT VERSION MAY BE AVAILABLE.


  • Drop-Off- A check-in process will occur at the time of drop off including pictures/ videos of entirety of vehicle to our best ability. Please remove any items as we will not be held responsible for loss or damage to articles left in vehicle in case of fire, theft, accident, or any other cause beyond our control. Please do your best to make sure the interior of your vehicle is clean to the best of your ability and free of any hazardous or harmful toxins/ materials that can pose a safety issue for our team. Proof of appropriate documentation of insurance, registration, licensing will be required as we will not be operating vehicle without them. If we suspect the vehicle to be stolen or suspicious we hold the right to contact authorities. Leave ONE set of operable keys.

  • Pick-Up- There must be a $0.00 balance on your ticket before the release of your vehicle. Vehicles must be picked up no longer than one week after scheduled pick up date. After one week of failure to collect vehicle, a mechanics Lien will then be put in place. We will not release a vehicle to anyone other than the owner unless instructed to do so (see Releasing Vehicles in Legal.) We also reserve the right to refuse the release of a vehicle to anyone under the influence of drugs, alcohol or marijuana in any form. (see Alcohol/Drugs in Unacceptable Acts) 

  • Inspections- We have a strong “Same-Day Drop-off, Same-Day Pick-Up” Policy regarding inspections. A minimum of 4 hours and a maximum of 6 hours are needed for a completion of an inspection. Failure to provide vehicle during agreed scheduled time frame will result in rescheduling. You are responsible for the arrangements, including payments of the arrival and departure of vehicle. If the vehicle is not picked up by end of day 5pm MST, there is no guarantee that your vehicle will have a spot in or outside the shop and an overnight fee of $800 will be put in place before collection of the vehicle. A maximum of 3 no shows or cancelations will result in refusal of any future services.

  • Vehicle Operation- As the customer you acknowledge all the risks associate with operating a vehicle.  


  • Work Area Limitations & Right of Refusal - Due to all sorts of legal, liability, and insurance reasons. We reserve the right to restrict, limit, or refuse to perform work on any vehicle we feel may excessively limit mobility, create unacceptable risks, or cause safety concerns.

  • Extreme Environmental Conditions - Due to our limited shop space we may request rescheduling for drop- offs on days with difficult or extreme weather conditions, wind chills below 20°F, strong/ gusty wind, rain, snow etc. As we must keep current projects protected from the elements.

  • Biohazardous Vehicles - We reserve the right to refuse to touch the interior of any vehicle that contains excessive amounts of trash, bad odors, insect infestations, bodily fluids, drugs, narcotics, medications etc. Please make sure the vehicle is reasonably clean before its arrival.


  • Labor Rate - Our posted labor rate is $100.00 per hour for all invoices exceeding 1 hour. Whether flat- rate or actual-time. Itemized estimates are always provided and approved by both customer and Rebel Road Hot Rod Garage Sales Rep. prior to any servicing.

  • Offsite Inspection Fees- We charge an offsite service fee of $100 for any call to meet with customers to inspect a vehicle. PLEASE NOTE that Offsite Inspection Fees are due immediately upon our arrival. Please have the proper funds on hand when scheduling an appointment. Customers that fail to pay service call fees three times in a twelve-month period will be flagged as non-paying and will result in the refusal of any future service.

  • Shop Supplies – A generic shop supply fee is added to all invoices. This covers Items not listed in the itemized invoice such as, bolts, sandpaper, cleaners, metals, etc. This acts as a community fund.

  • Storage Fees- You have One week after notification of completion and pick up time/date, to collect your vehicle. Failure to pick up the vehicle will result in a storage fee charge of $50.00 a day Monday through Sunday. As well as an in-place Mechanics Lien. In the case of failure to pick up vehicle following an Inspection or “same day drop off dame day pick up,” there is no guarantee that your vehicle will have a spot in or outside the shop and an overnight fee of $800 will be put in place before collection of the vehicle.


  • What To Do If There's a Problem - We stand by our work and the products we sell. All Rebel Road labor has a lifetime warranty. If you experience an issue directly related to work that was recently performed by Rebel Road Hot Rod Garage, contact us immediately to arrange for diagnostics and scheduling arrangements to check for and verify a warrantable failure. If the issue resulted from an unaddressed concern or declined recommendation your warranty may be void.

  • Taking The Vehicle Elsewhere - IMPORTANT: All WARRANTED work must be performed by Rebel Road Hot Rod Garage LLC. *** ***Warranty immediately VOID if outsourced work other than Rebel Road, is performed. Including yourself, a relative/ friend or other shop.

  • Parts Warranty - We honor a parts warranty for 6 months. If there was a part related issue, you are to provide necessary, information regarding damages, malfunction, or other concerns regarding parts. Following 6 months without communication or constant use of parts with known issues, voids warrantees, refunds or exchanges. We cannot guarantee a refund or replacement will be given. We are not responsible for unforeseen issues that may arise with upgrades, modifications, or OEM installation malfunctions.

  • Warranty Limitations – Although our labor is warranted for life, all warranties are immediately rendered null and void if the vehicle is used for its unintended purpose. Warrantees rendered void, if the use of a vehicle in its entirety including work performed by RRHRG has been modified or tampered with by anyone, including the vehicle's owner, Reckless endangerment, An issue arises from declined recommendations, Missed maintenance or “re-torque” appointments, Or Vehicle care instructions following upgrades or modifications are ignored, ex, improper use of crate engines, transmissions, brakes, etc. Unless full-restoration, additional problems may arise regarding vehicle function. Especially one that has sat for a copious amount of time without movement, start up, operation, or maintenance. The shop will not be held responsible for malfunction or additional problems regarding vehicle, that were not addressed during initial work/ inspection, or performed by another entity. Your vehicle is a classic/ vintage vehicle and not a brand-new vehicle and any unforeseen issues may be directly related to improper, nonuse or declined recommended repairs of vehicle. Understand the safety concerns coupled with declined/ recommended repair work.    


  • Customer-Supplied Parts – We will only install customer parts if they are brand new/ out of the box and have a receipt. Expired, outdated, tampered parts will not be installed.

  • Specialty Fluids - When a vehicle calls for specialty fluids, we will ONLY use fluids that are guaranteed compatible with or an exact match to the requirements. Especially with high performance engines and transmissions.

  • Old Parts – Any part removed from the vehicle belongs to you, the customer. You have the right to request your old parts, be made available to you for your inspection, provided that such a request is made when work is approved. Unless in the event of a core charge for any given part, you will be charged if you wish to keep the part. We do not recommend the use of any old/ original parts to be sold or reused. We are not responsible for the condition of any part prior to or after removal. All parts claimed or unclaimed for more than 14 days without collection become property of Rebel Road Hot Rod Garage.

  • Plastic Parts - We assume no responsibility for plastic part breakage, as many plastic parts used in/on older vehicles are brittle and can break without warning no matter how carefully they are handled. This is especially true of plastic parts that are exposed to sunlight, e.g., dash pads.

  • Contacting Our Suppliers - We do not and will not release supplier contact information to customers, as this always causes problems. We reserve the right to terminate all business relations with any customer that does an end-run around us and contacts our suppliers directly.

  • Customer-Supplied Parts & Safety - We reserve the right to refuse to install any part that we feel would compromise the safety and safe operation of a vehicle.

  • Broken Bolts - We are not responsible for bolt breakage under any circumstances, even if the bolt in question broke by our hand. The reasons for this are multiple: we have no way of knowing if a previous repair effort damaged the bolt or the threads into which it screws, we have no way of knowing if a bolt was damaged due to environmental factors, as some bolts are prone to breakage due to the environment within which they exist (e.g., bolts affixing exhaust system components), and sometimes a bolt will just fail no matter how carefully and gently you work with it. If a bolt breaks, we must charge additional labor, and parts if needed, to extract the remaining bolt fragment and repair the hole.


  • Estimate Lifespans - Due to constant and unexpected parts price fluctuations, estimates are only valid for thirty (30) days. If you would like to re activate an expired estimate, we would love to get you back on the road, understand expected price changes to your updated estimate.

  • Estimate Determinations - Estimates are based on customer provided information prior to or following initial inspections of stock/ custom/ modified vehicle configurations; aftermarket modifications and additions (e.g., Chassis, engine modifications, electrical, etc.) All prices are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to cancel/abort any repair job that poses a safety issue or unethical correction to problem adhered.


  • Inspections- We have a strong “Same-Day Drop-off, Same-Day Pick-Up” Policy regarding inspections. A minimum of 4 hours and a maximum of 6 hours are needed for a completion of an inspection. Failure to provide vehicle during agreed scheduled time frame will result in rescheduling. You are responsible for the arrangements, including payments of the arrival and departure of vehicle. If the vehicle is not picked up by end of day 5pm MST, there is no guarantee that your vehicle will have a spot in or outside the shop and an overnight fee of $800 will be put in place before collection of the vehicle. A maximum of 3 no shows or cancelations will result in refusal of any future services.

  • Short-term Projects- Less than 6 months- Following the approval of your estimate. If there are any parts that need to be purchased, we will collect 100% of the parts amount and will schedule you once all parts have arrived. All part sales are non-refundable. If no parts need to be purchased, a non-refundable 5% scheduling deposit fee of the overall estimate will be collected to hold your spot. This fee will be credited towards the overall labor of the estimate. It is important to note our scheduling is subject to change.

  • Long-term Projects- 6 months + Following the approval of your ballpark estimate. A non-refundable scheduling deposit fee of 5% of the overall estimate will be collected to hold your spot. All part sales are non-refundable. This fee will be credited towards the overall labor of the estimate.

  • Warranty Jobs- Understanding scheduling, availability for warranty jobs can be anywhere from the same day to 6 months. Storage or complete nonuse of vehicle from moment of concern is mandatory from start of issue to drop off to the shop. This can void the warrantee. 

  • No Shows/ Cancelations- We understand priority of unexpected emergencies. However, if you fail to 1) No Show, 2) Cancel or 3) Arrive late following failure of a 24-hour notice, 3 times in a 12-month period. Your account will be marked ‘Permanently Inactive’ and will reject any future work for customer and all vehicles.


  • Best Efforts at Expediency – We take pride in our work no matter the size of the job. We aim to complete jobs with quality and efficiency. Which is determined by many factors, such as the amount of time the job takes according to our labor guides, the amount of rust or corrosion that is present, unexpected parts issues (e.g., receiving the wrong part a broken part or backordered part) Unexpected or unforeseen obstacles (e.g., hidden rust, non-operable parts, mis informed modifications, etc.)

  • Delays Beyond Our Control - We cannot, and will not, assume any responsibility for delays that are beyond our control, such as (but not limited to) shipping delays, receiving broken, or incorrect parts. Emergencies of other projects. Weather conditions. Shop/ personal emergencies.

  • Realistic Expectations – Please understand things can and do "go wrong," and as a result, we must require a degree of flexibility and realistic expectations on the part of customers with regard to completion timeframes. Expecting a job to not take any longer than initially thought when a bolt breaks, for example, is not realistic on the part of the customer.

  • Respect of Time- We want your vehicle on the road as fast as you do. We, however, will not tolerate “over shoulder” observation. Daily show ups or checkups, despite provided ETA or notice of interruption. In the case of outsourced work, please understand other companies may have scheduling deficits. Any rushed work, interruption of our work time, to be rushed or reaching out to outsourced work to rush them, will NOT be tolerated and may result in project decline no matter the stage of process of your vehicle. As well as refusal of any future work. We reserve the right to terminate all business relations.

  • No Exclusivity - We cannot, and will not, give any one work order any form of exclusivity, nor will we ignore other customers/jobs/calls while attending to any one vehicle. In case of another vehicle emergency your vehicle may be pushed back.

  • Timeframe Guarantees for Large Jobs - Due to the fluid nature of auto repair performed in the field, we cannot, and will not, guarantee any work order with more than 2 mo. consecutive scheduled time. To be completed by a certain time.


  • Accurate Diagnostics - We do not guarantee the accuracy of anyone else's diagnostics but our own. Due to the complexity of a vehicle, we cannot guarantee that one diagnosis will cure every problem a vehicle has in a single repair operation. Especially a classic/ vintage vehicle with/without modification.

  • Multiple Problems/Issues - It is not only possible, but common, for a vehicle to have more than one issue with similar or overlapping symptoms. Finding and fixing one issue may reveal another. Repairing one issue will NOT repair ALL issues. As such, as was noted, we cannot guarantee that one diagnosis will cure every problem a vehicle has in a single repair operation.

  • Diagnostic Timeframes - Some problems may be time-consuming to diagnose. In such cases we may request preapproval for diagnostic time, and/or charges.


  • Payment Arrangements - Payment in full is required upon completion of services and before pickup of vehicle. We do not accept efforts to make payment arrangements after-the-fact. If payments are not made after 1 week, of noted completion your vehicle will begin to accumulate storage fees. (See storage fees.) We accept cash, cards, valid checks, and money orders. Checks will be made out to REBEL ROAD HOT ROD GARAGE.

  • Parts Pre-Payment

    • Short-Term- If parts purchases are required, 100% parts deposit will be collected at time of estimate approval. Once all parts have arrived in their correct and undamaged form, we will call to get you scheduled. Note: parts can take anywhere from 3days-9months to arrive. We work diligently to stay updated on ETAs.

    • Long Term 6mo + - A deposit of 100% of parts total will be collected 3-9 months prior to scheduled drop off date. This allows us to handle any issues with back ordered parts, incorrect parts, or damaged parts. As well as avoiding parts price increases.

    • Failure to provide a 100% parts deposit prior to your scheduled date will result in project rejection.

  • Returned Parts - Purchased and received parts do not have a cash value and will not be refunded. In rare cases any returned parts may be subject to restocking fees - if the supplier charges us, we must charge you.   

  • Refund Methods - We only issue refunds under specific circumstances, such as for a prepaid part when a job is aborted or cancelled and has not arrived or been fulfilled. This includes all warranties. In the case of declined work, any parts purchased will be given to you, the customer. Purchased and received parts do not have a cash value and will not be refunded. We do not issue refunds, whether partial or full, on completed jobs. When a refund is due, we require that any refunds be made to the same payment method as the original payment. We do not give cash/check refunds for charges paid with a debit card. Service call fees and Scheduling Deposit fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

  • Sales Taxes - We always collect sales tax whenever and wherever; it is legally required that we do so. There are no exceptions.

  • Returned Checks - While we accept cash, credit cards, and checks as payment, we reserve the right to charge the maximum allowed under New Mexico Law for returned checks.


  • Threats To Our Associates - We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding threats, health, safety, and abuse against our associates. Any threat of any type or nature directed at any RRHRG associate will not be tolerated. And may be met with legal interception. As well as a permanent ban from the premises. We reserve the right to immediately terminate projects both in progress, soon to be, or returning projects. And will refuse any future services. This also extends to any friends, family, and/or roommates of customers. Any abandoned in-progress projects will need to be immediately removed from the premises in its in-progress state. We reserve the right to demand payment for the portion of the job that was completed. Or put a Mechanics Lien on the vehicle.

  • Threats Against RRHRG - We also have a zero-tolerance policy regarding threats, health, safety, and abuse against the company as a whole. Again, any threat of any type or nature, whether physical or otherwise, such as threatening to take unwarranted legal action or threatening to file unwarranted complaints with the State of New Mexico and/or the BBB, will not be tolerated. Our response to threats against the company is the same as for threats made against our associates - all work immediately ceases, and we will no longer perform services of any kind for that customer. (We define "unwarranted" in this context as "the customer is upset with us but not for anything we did or didn't do, and/or is upset with us regarding any issue that is being handled under a supplier's warranty, and/or is upset with us for any reason that is beyond our control.")

  • Attitude – We reserve the right to refuse to do business with anyone who is unreasonable, rude, sexist, racist, exploitive, perverse behavior, or overall creates an unhealthy environment. No matter the stage of business to customer relationship. (e.g., inquiring customer, new customer, current customer, previous customer, referral.)

  • Drug/Alcohol Abuse - We reserve the right to refuse to perform services for customers that are under the influence of any use of alcohol or drugs, etc. As well as refusing to provide keys to an operating vehicle if you are under the influence. Our priority is not just your safety but everyone else’s safety on the road. In the event of you having to leave your vehicle due to the influence of drugs or alcohol on its pickup day will result in our $50 a day storage fee.

  • Use of Social Media- It is strictly prohibited to take pictures of customers, customer vehicles, staff, or facility without consent. Or sharing them to any social media platform. Failure to respect this policy will be met with legal intention.

  • Misuse of Vehicles Intended Purpose- We are not responsible for malfunction, bodily harm, injury, or death resulting from the misuse of your vehicles intended purpose or continued use of vehicle with declined repairs/ recommendations once it has left our shop.


  • Know Your Rights - New Mexico's "Motor Vehicle Repair Act" mandates, via State Law, that you must receive a written, itemized repair estimate on request. State Law also grants additional legal protections for auto repair customers, as well as providing protections for auto repair facilities to protect themselves against unscrupulous customers.

  • Permission To Operate Vehicle - By allowing us to perform repair work on your vehicle, along with all necessary materials. You are also granting RRHRG and its employees’ permission to operate the vehicle on public roadways for diagnostic, testing, inspection, delivery, or verification purposes at your risk.

  • Releasing Vehicles - We will not release a vehicle to any other person or party but, its owner. Unless specifically told to do so. If you want us to give the keys to a friend or relative, these arrangements must be made 24 hours in advance. Use of photo ID for verification may be used.

  • Legal Paper Identification- We will not operate, exchange or provide services on a vehicle that is not registered, insured nor belonging to a customer that does not have a Valid State Issued Drivers License. It is not our responsibility to handle any after matter registration, vin inspections or impoundment due to improper legal documentation as all we are providing is a restored vehicle. It is up to you the customer to decided if it will be road legal. 

  • Things We Cannot Control - We are not responsible for things beyond our control, which includes, but is not limited to, the following:

- Acts of nature, etc. (e.g., temporary closure brought on by storms, outages, etc.)

- Incorrect/inaccurate information from a parts supplier (e.g., mis-quotes on pricing).

- Mistakes on the part of a supplier (e.g., receiving the wrong part, or broken part).

- Shipping delays, especially during transit (e.g., loss of package, weather conditions).

- Incorrect/inaccurate diagnostic and repair information provided to us from reference sources (e.g., wrong labor times in labor guides)

Re-scheduling as a result of any of the above will be put in place.

  •  Right Of Refusal - In accordance with Federal and State Law, we reserve the right to refuse to perform any repairs we would consider inappropriate or unsuited to the problem at hand or that would in our opinion render the completed vehicle unsafe to drive.

  • Mechanic's Liens – New Mexico law provides mechanisms for auto repair facilities to protect themselves against non-payment by customers or failure to collect vehicle. The principal mechanism is the "mechanic's lien," which, will block the sale, transfer, and registration of a vehicle throughout mthe United States. All repairs are assumed to be protected by an implied mechanic's lien as well as all other mechanisms provided for under Federal and State Law.

  • Before You Call Your Attorney - If there's a problem, contact us immediately. Most situations can be worked out to mutual satisfaction without any difficulty and with minimal to no expense. In the event legal action is necessary to enforce this contract, you, the customer, understand that you are solely responsible for all costs including attorney's fees and court costs.

Copy right laws reserved for the information above.

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