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Just a Girl Building Hot Rods

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

It seems to be a common sight of women working, establishing or owning, traditional male-dominated industries. Who would have known, trades like welding, fabricating, painting and airbrushing needed a "woman's" touch? Did you know women actually have superior hand stability compared to men? We are starting to see this trend of women playing with the boys, so to speak, and are actually kickass at it!

I started my professional career as a Physical Therapists Assistant. Graduating 3 years ago, with an Associates Degree in Occupational Science of Physical Therapy. Hot Rods, Car shows, bike rallies, were a pastime. Although I started working on cars (oil changes, fix flats, beginner diagnosis) after I had my first child, age 16. I didn't see myself opening up a Hot Rod Shop! Not until my want for BUILDING cars came after I met Jason.

I had zero experience when it came to metal fabrication, welding, diagnosing, etc. before starting our new business. My goal is not to be, that pretty girl that sits behind the desk and says "HI!" ( Although the fundamentals of a start up have me there, lol). I want to be known for my work. Have a signature design and work alongside my employees. I spent every day after my 9-5, and every weekend learning a new skill, from Jason. We quickly realized that I had a knack for it!

I am learning a whole new skill, culture and lingo with classic cars. I am familiar as I mentioned before, but that was on a hobby level. Now I have to make a living and a name off of it! So there have definitely been some hurdles for me to jump over including the fun commentary from men and women seeing me in a Hot Rod Shop. I will say, that the level of pride I feel when I introduce myself as the owner, or show a project I have been working on is quite powerful.

Now, let's cut the B.S. about, "being attention hungry, distracting, a disgrace to other women in the same industry," because of what I wear or how I run my show. There is no law that says, I cant wear a sharp-winged eyeliner under my hood. I don't want to hear, how hard or how little I should have to work, because I am a woman.

I have two girls' that admire me, for me and I will pave the way for them to be able to take on ANY task, job or challenge with absolute confidence! So let me build shit the way I need to, and lets enjoy the ride!

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